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Keio Stroud And Garrett Goodwin On The Road

Thursday September 25th 2008 in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Bradley Center 2 of Sabian’s youngest Endorsers, 21-year old Garrett Goodwin (Carrie Underwood) and Keio Stroud (Little Big Town) performed in front of over 6000 fans. This tour is running thru November 15th taking both bands across the U.S. and thru Canada.Garrett is using a unique setup featuring floor toms (no Rack-Tom), Kick and Snare only along with his huge 23" Artisan Crash cymbals. Keio is using a more standard setup for the Little Big Town gig with 18" and 19" Vault crashes, 15" HHX Groove hats and a 21" HH Raw Bell Dry Ride.Look out for these two young drummers as they cut across the Continent for most of the balance of 2008, both musical, tasteful and talented drummers well beyond their years of drumming.


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