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Les Cleveland Performs With Gospel Hip-hop Band Czar

On April.18th 2009 Les Cleveland performed with Gospel Hip-Hop Band Czar at New Life Worship Center in Smithfield, RI “The Youth Rally was called the Awakening Conference. About 600 youth attended this event. This event was very motivating and comforting. Lots of young musicians were there who had alot of positive energy and eagerness for music and worship. After the event, alot of the young drummers gave alot of attention to the HHX O-Zone Crash and the Legacy Crashes I used in the performance.– Les Cleveland The cymbals used in Les’ setup: 13″ Vault Jam Master Hats22″ Vault Jam Master Ride17″ HHX Legacy Crash18″ Vault V-Crash19″ AA Medium Thin Crash17″ HHX O-Zone Crash


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