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Make A Wish Drumset

Recently, Vic Stauffenberg, drums / assistant manager at Guitar Center #423 in Englewood,CO had the opportunity to work with the Colorado Make A Wish Foundation in fulfilling the wishes of a little boy named John Carey. He has advanced Hodgkins Lymphoma. But his one wish was to have a one of a kind drumset to play and enjoy during his time here. Given the situation and the time structure, Vic was up against the wall as far as making it happen. But, with help recieved from Pearl, Sabian and Kaman Music, he made the wish a reality. Vic was able to come close to matching the MONSTER drumset John had printed from the internet. John is now the proud owner of a seven piece Pearl Reference drumset with a Gibraltar drum rack and Sabian AAX and XS20 cymbals. The gear all arrived the week before his latest treatment.

"the joy I saw him experience as his kit was built around him from the ground up was truly extraordinary. If John wins his battle, and is still playing and making music years from now, who’s to say we didn’t play a small part in his recovery. And I hope you are as inspired as I am to see the smile on his face behind that beautiful kit, knowing full well the struggle he has ahead of him. For that one night though, I imagine John felt whole, and like the luckiest kid in the world." – Vic Stauffenberg


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