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Marcus Baylor And The Yellow Jackets In Germany

Brilliant Young Drummer Wows Audience with All-Star BandHe may be a quiet kind of guy, but when Marcus Baylor lays into a groove with the Yellowjackets his talent is obvious. "I saw Marcus at the Colossal, a club in my home town of Aschaffenburg," says Christian Koch, our man in Germany. "He has a dynamic approach that grooves and swings… he astounds the audience with taste as much as technique."Currently touring their Lifecycle CD (which features hotshot guest guitarist Mike Stern), the Yellowjackets include the equally brilliant Bob Mintzer on sax, Jimmy Haslip on bass, and Russell Ferrante on keys. "They are such a great and inspiring band," added Christian.Also there to cheer on Marcus was top German drummer Claus Hessler. "Marcus plays with a style that is so tastefully fresh, fluid, and explosive… all at the same time! And his deep groove always combines perfectly with the arrangements of the Yellowjackets’ music."Marcus Baylor’s cymbal set-up combines the dark sounds of HH and HHX with the bright – though very dirty sounds – of an AA Rocktagon and AAX O-Zone. From the drum chair, moving left to right: 14" HHX Groove Hats, 16" HH Duo Crash, 22" HH Dry Ride, 18" AA Rocktagon Crash, 18" AAX O-Zone Crash.


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