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Mark Love – Inside the SABIAN Vault

It has been a little over a year since Mark Love was promoted to the newly created position of Director of Research and Product Development and he’s been busy helping drummers unleash all types of new custom creations from inside the SABIAN Vault. While SABIAN was founded on the principle of giving drummers more choice in cymbals and sounds, we know there are times when an off-the-shelf cymbal just won’t cut it. That’s where Mark and his Vault team do their best work, helping you design your own custom cymbal for the perfect sound you’ve been looking for.



Watch as Mark gives us an overview of one of the latest SABIAN Custom Shop creations: 15” HHX Custom Shop Hi Hats. Thin, Dark, and Glassy

If you’ve ever spent what seems like hours on end in your local music shop, staring at a forest of cymbal trees while going through the tedious task of trying to find your sound in the limited selection of off-the-rack cymbals, the SABIAN Custom Shop is for you. 

When you combine the R&D skills of the mad scientists in the SABIAN Vault with the bold and creative concepts in your head, the possibilities are endless. The SABIAN Custom Shop offers you the power to choose from no less than 29-million potential cymbal configurations to create your very own sound, with the quality and consistency you can depend on from a SABIAN cymbal. It’s an offer no other cymbal company can make — it’s an offer no other cymbal company even has the guts to try.

All this to say — you don’t have to settle for standard, cookie-cutter sounds. Mark and his team know there’s a custom cymbal for every nuanced tone you’re looking for. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.


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