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Me Talk Pretty Warped Blog

CHULA VISTA, CA (Pics #139 – 157) (Vid #7)

Hey this is Julia taking care of the Chula Vista blog.

My favorite place so far in terms of people! So many, that I was like… wow!!! I don’t think I’ve seen so many people in one place ever, unless it was on TV.

We started putting up posters really early today. We got here like at 6 am and we set up our tent at 7.45 am !!! I don’t think I have woke up this early since I was in kindergarten and my grandma use to drop me off for the day at 7am. What a nice fresh feeling ,that the day is going to be long and fruitful.

Thank God that today’s weather was what you call "the perfect Californian weather"; and no more 105F. I had a feeling of love for Chula Vista already, so I went full of hopes, to poster and sticker the entire place.

When the doors opened we started giving out postcards and stickers . A lot of happy faces / stressed out faces trying to grab a schedule for the day to see their favorites bands. A lot of bands promoting at the gates as well. I talked with a bunch of people and some of them actually came back for the show. These are the ones that are always getting free stuff from Me Talk Pretty !!!!

In the immense crowd I saw a happy and familiar face coming towards me. For a second I didn’t realize, but then the veil fell off my eyes and it was her: Veronica. Let’s go back to the Yellow Stone Park when we swam in the lake and rumbled through the woods. We met a group of people, made friends with them, told them we are a band on the warped tour and than left. One of the girls actually came to see us and if I only knew that she was coming, I would have waved her cover. We took care of her the whole day and she took care of us, helping with the merch tent.

Yesterday in Fresno , Justin, from Motion City Soundtrack, came by our stage to see our set, and Me Talk Pretty made a new friend! Needles to say he is a very nice guy and down to earth. You gotta love that!!! It happens that Veronica looooooves Motion City Soundtrack so, I brought her back stage to meet Justin and see their show. I wanted to see the show as well… from backstage. Oh! a lot of fun. Check out the video!!!!

Earlier on tour, We were told that once we were in California, The Kevin says stage will turn into the Old School Stage. Today’s stage was not a traditional stage. It was actually pretty cool, reminds me of the small piazza places in Europe where students gather together in their lunch break. A stone platform like a separate side on the alley. It had a lot of potential if you think of the Greek outdoor amphitheaters also. I dig these things, so it inspired me to wear my Romanian orange top for the show. yey!!!

Our show was really good. We got a really good amount of people and got them involved in a little bit. The stage was open to the public!!!! We let people come up on the stage!! I jumped in the crowed a for a little while as well and oh… I managed to find another Romanian in the crowed too !!! -also see video 🙂 Being on tour is trying out new things. What the hell? Life is short!

The fun part goes on… after we made Veronica very happy when she met Justin, talked to our new fans for a while, and after we took a bunch of pictures, we cut it short for the day. I’m going on the beach baby for the first time on the tour. !!! Yellow Stone Park does not count! I’m going to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time !!! damn! I’m really excited and we are trying to get there before the Sun goes down.

We said good buy to everybody early today and we made it late to the Ocean, but who cares? I’m diping my feet in the Pacific. That’s all I know and care about!!!!!

The day ended with Cold Stone Ice Cream! We got Leon to drive for the night. I passed out after the first gas station stop. Mountain View here we come!!!

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