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Mike Portnoy – Progressive Nation Tour Update

Mike Portnoy with Dream Theater have
begun their last tour leg in North America
after a year on the road. The Progressive Nation Tour features an ALL SABIAN
ARTIST bill! Martin Axenrot with the Swedish outfit OPETH, Blake Richardson with
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME & Chris Gartmann and his band THREE. Portnoy hand
picked these bands to share the stage with Dream Theater which is one heavy
compliment to each of these three drummers. "A deserved compliment," says SABIAN
Artist Relations Manager Chris Stankee. "THREE was a band I wasn’t switched on
to until Mike clued me in. They’re incredible musicians and drummers will love
their set so get there early. Blake’s band Between the Buried and Me are brutal.
They’ve got it covered from blast beats to melodic interludes. Look for them in
Europe after the Prog Nation tour playing with
Meshuggah. Opeth goes on just before Dream Theater. As if anyone needed any more
evidence that some of the best and most unique metal comes from
Sweden here you go. Portnoy and the
boys put together an amazing set list spanning their entire catalog. Dream
Theater fans take their set lists seriously and Mike obliges by keeping records
of all the set lists for each show and mixes up the songs each time they come
back. Fans return the favor by coming to see them again and again.

ONE NATION, UNDER PROG…www.progressivenation2008.com



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