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Mike Wengren Visits SABIAN

Drummer From Disturbed Visits Favorite Cymbal Maker

Disturbed drummer Mike Wengren, currently touring Canada with his band, managed to steal away for a day and visit us here in Meductic. The last time we saw Mike was on a beach in California, where along with Chad Smith, Jimmy DeGrasso, Flo Mounier, and some of the other lads he appears with in our current ‘AA – Vintage Bright’ ads, he was having his photo taken. Meductic was nowhere near as sunny and warm, but Mike, whose been busy with Disturbed doing the Music as a Weapon Tour and now dates in Canada, was happy to be here. “This is great… I’ve wanted to come here for years,” he said. And did it live up to expectation? “Definitely! I’d heard stories from other drummers, but this is a pretty wild place… you really are in the middle of nowhere.“Mike’s first cymbals included AA Rocktagons, the eight-sided crashes that were among our first innovations. “They looked so cool and were so loud and cutting, which is what I needed at the time.” And it appears that loud and cutting is what he still needs, because his current set-up – all AA and AA Metal-X – is exactly that. “Guitars in Disturbed are REALLY loud, so I need that bright sound to cut through.” So after a tour of our production facility and meeting the craftsmen, he stepped into the Vault, where master product specialist Mark Love and the Vault Team showed him around some of the thousands of sounds that line the shelves. “Unbelievable!” said Mike. “I didn’t know where to start.” So did he discover anything? “APX! Wow, those cymbals really rip your face off. I grabbed an APX Solid Ride and some other stuff I’ll try at the gig tomorrow night.”Part way though his time in the Vault, Mike joined the production crew in the lunch room, where he signed autographs and had his photo taken with the guys and gals responsible for designing and making all those cymbals in the Vault. “He’s really very nice… smiles a lot, and is very polite,” said Marketing Coordinator Christine Jewett. “Yeah, great guy,” added Product Specialist Jason LozierOnce finished in the Vault, Mike joined SABIAN’s Wayne Blanchard for a brief interview.Commented Blanchard: “I’ve known Mike for many years, and he’s always been one of the nicest guys. I remember doing and interview in Los Angeles a few years back for our NewsBeat magazine, and he and the rest of the lads were so blown away to be in the presence of Steve Ferrone and Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward. Even with years of success now under his belt, he’s still as excited about being a drummer and playing music as he was back then.


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