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Neil Peart Records New Hockey Theme

A Canadian pastime and icon came together to revamp what some would say is Canada’s 2nd national anthem – the theme to Hockey Night in Canada. Hockey is far and away the most popular sport in Canada and all know it’s 40 year old theme song. When TSN garnered the rights to Hockey Night they decided to give the theme a shave and a haircut by bringing in The Professor, RUSH’s Neil Peart. He arranged a drum part that is distinctly Peart – percussive, heavy & composed all while remaining true to the original theme. That was just as important to Peart as anyone who grew up listening to that music before the game in Canada. The theme was recorded with large horn and rhythm sections at Ocean Way studios on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood last Monday. The NHL was kind enough to lend the actual Stanley Cup for the session. Talk about inspiration! SABIAN’s Chris Stankee and DW’s Garrison make up what Neil calls his West Coast Pit Crew who tech for Neil whenever Lorne Wheaton can’t make it. Chris says, "Lorne is out with Jimmy DeGrasso and Alice Cooper right now and couldn’t make it for this session. I wish he could have been here because he’s the biggest hockey fan I know". We got Neil squared away though and DW built this amazing kit with all of the hockey team logos hand painted on the shells. There is an unbelievable amount of hours and talent that went into building this kit and it sounded great! Banging it all out in one day we packed up the kit and moved it across town where they filmed a video intro for the theme with Neil pounding out the part about a dozen times for the cameras. He’s a trooper, they got the shot and the only hard part is waiting to see and hear the finished tune!

Read what Neil had to say about the experience at

Neil sported the new brilliant finish Paragon cymbals for this. WHAT YOU SAY!?!?! Yes, there will soon be brilliant finish Paragon cymbals available everywhere with a smoother attack, glassier tone and BRILLIANT new look! "I’m most happy about the guys up at the SABIAN factory in Canada. They’ll get to see the product of their hard work getting played by one of their favorite drummers before their favorite thing to watch on TV every week!"For more info visit:

Report & Photography: Chris Stankee


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