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Neil Sanderson (three Days Grace) Visits SABIAN

Neil Sanderson and Three Days Grace have had a very busy couple of years! With sales of their latest album, "One-X", exceeding 1.5 million, a Billboard Award, an extensive two year tour and now the release of a live DVD, Three Days Grace have maximized their opportunities and become one of Canada’s greatest musical exports!With a few days off, Neil traveled to New Brunswick to visit the SABIAN factory in Meductic. Mixing a variety of SABIAN cymbals into his set-up including the new APX series, Neil was very anxious to speak with Mark Love, SABIAN Master Product Specialist, to discuss the process of developing the high-decibel APX series cymbals.After a tour, time in the vault, and several interviews Neil finally had a moment to enjoy the beautiful scenic view that this small village in New Brunswick has to offer. "I’m so happy I had an opportunity to visit the factory, it’s amazing how much hands-on manufacturing goes into making a SABIAN cymbal!"

Commented Terry Ryan-Canadian Sales & Artist Relations Manager "Neil was one of the first endorsers to add APX cymbals to his set-up. It’s a great opportunity for him to visit the factory and get more insight into the cymbal making process and our new APX series".

The new Three Days Grace DVD-Live at The Palace in Auburn Hills is available now exclusively at Best Buy.

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