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New B8 Pro O-zone Crashes Deliver The Goods

High-Decibel Design Brings Focused Cut to B8 Pro Line

SABIAN introduced its radically innovative O-Zone cymbals in 2002 with the launch of HHX Evolution models. At the time, there was nothing else that looked or sounded like O-Zones, and they quickly went on to become best-sellers. Described as having “a space-age look”, they delivered a new sound that was aggressive, raw and nasty. Now, that same sound is available in the SABIAN B8 Pro series – great news for drummers stepping up to their first set of B8 bronze cymbals!

The two new B8 Pro O-Zone Crashes feature similar O-Zone multi-holed design as HHX and AAX models, but their double ring of response enhancing holes guarantees that these radical new models respond rapidly, with brilliant explosion and dirty agitation.

“The O-Zone is not a typical crash, it’s a crude and aggressive combination of a thin crash and a Chinese – extremely raw, nasty and very biting,” says Master Product Specialist Mark Love. “Not only do the 2” holes increase the nasty factor, they also lighten the weight of the cymbal. So while its size and volume remain the same, the response is actually much faster because there’s less metal mass to move.”

Available in 16” and 18” models, the new B8 Pro O-Zone Crashes are a great addition to Sabian’s new, better B8 Pro line. Already touted as a cymbal for drummers who play with “Speed, Power and Aggression”, with the addition of O-Zone Crashes, B8 Pro just got even faster, more powerful, and more aggressive!

16″ B8 Pro Crash
18″ B8 Pro Crash


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