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New B8x Ballistic Crash Expands SABIAN Effects Arsenal

Utilizing an innovative new hammer peen and hammering technique, the B8X Ballistic Crash is a thin model that delivers funky, aggressive attack, fully capable of creating high-pitched mayhem while remaining musical.

In order to create an aggressive new effects sound, a new extra-large hammer peen was applied from the bottom of the cymbal up, resulting in a cymbal that is more flexible, therefore more responsive and easy to open up. It also results in a pitch bend that is shaped upward, making for a trashy effects crash that is more than happy to go fully ballistic. For drummers who need a sound reference – think higher-pitched HHX X-Treme Crash and you’re in the ballpark.

SABIAN is committed to creating the widest, most innovative range of sounds on the planet, giving drummers more choice in creating their sound. Available in 16” and 18”, the B8X Ballistic Crash is the latest cymbal to deliver on that promise.

Learn more here:  sabian.com/createyoursound


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