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New HHX Complex O-Zone Crashes and HHX Complex Medium Rides

More Attack. More Sweet.

17” & 19” HHX Complex O-Zone Crash

A perfect blend of old and new world craftsmanship, HHX Complex Series continues to innovate, adding O-Zone Crashes for a trashy, dark, explosive cut. The 17” and 19” HHX Complex O-Zones deliver a dark explosive attack and one of the most aggressive effects cymbals SABIAN has crafted to date. These are the first odd sized O-Zones produced and fit nicely in the HHX Complex family. Crafted with the original 2” hole pattern of it’s predecessor, it’s looks and extreme dark and trashy response are sure to be a new favorite.

21” & 23” HHX Complex Medium Ride

HHX Complex Series features some of the richest, sweetest rides SABIAN has ever produced. Medium rides produce controlled tones and a complex cut that will sit comfortably in any mix. The 23” and 21” rides have a dual hammering process that brings out a sweet rich complex tone that allows the stick to sit nicely on top of a warm dark complex undertone. The warm undertone stays controlled and in tune with the articulation of the stick sound. This is topped off with a strong raw heavily hand hammered bell for distinct complex cut.


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