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New SABIAN Artist: Glen Power / The Script

SABIAN welcomes Glen Power from the Irish Chart Breaking band The Script to their Artist Roster. With their No.1 debut Album in both England and Ireland, The Script have risen to No 10 in the I-Tune Rock Charts in America and continue to enjoy huge success with their single releases "We Cry" and "The Man who can’t be moved" used in the recent US TV show Ghost Whisperer. Glen Power, having been taught the discipline of regular practice by Jacqui Metoudi and a more recent student of Irish Drum Educator and fellow Sabian Artist, Conor Guilfoyle, chooses SABIAN HHX EVOLUTION Cymbals for his sound. "Since starting to play drums, I’ve been a fan of SABIAN Cymbals and many of their Artists like Harvey Mason, Steve Ferrone, and especially Dave Weckl." "I love SABIAN Cymbals! Dave Weckl is one of my all time drum heroes and with the HHX EVOLUTION Series they are so responsive and great sounding cymbals. Especially the HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash I recommend 100%! Its amazing, it doesn’t sustain for too long and gives you that china sound but has a lovely texture to it! I used it on the album and it’s great for those big hits that you really want to accent in a song!"This is Glens Cymbal Setup he uses on the current Tour: 12


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