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New SABIAN Paragon Cymbals For Rush R40 Tour & 10 Years Of Paragon

To commemorate 40 years of RUSH and the band’s R40 tour – and 10 years of the SABIAN Paragon line – SABIAN has announced 4 new Paragon models. New 17″, 19″ and 22″ Crashes round out the line’s offering of crash cymbals, providing larger sizes that are so popular with drummers today. In addition, new 15″ Paragon Hi-Hats also fill a need for larger hats.

The new Paragon Crashes are medium weight models with large bells to boost volume, a combination of wide-groove and pinpoint lathing for increased brightness and explosive response, and hand hammered bells for increased musicality. The medium weight Hats offer fast and crisp response, and well-defined sticking.

Designed with RUSH drummer Neil Peart, Paragon cymbals deliver musicality and power in cymbals that are always dynamic and responsive. For more information, please visit


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