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New Timpani Book By Kirk J. Gay

Tapspace Publications has announced the release of an exciting new book of timpani etudes and solos for beginning to advanced players. The book, titled Pedal to the Kettle, is written by Florida performer and educator, Kirk J. Gay. The aim of Pedal to the Kettle is to address the demands of today’s emerging timpanists, bringing new, modern life to performing on this unique instrument. The etudes (written for 2 or 4 drums) are presented in a sequence that graduates in difficulty while focusing on common challenges faced in modern and classic repertoire – all while maintaining a musical approach that are fun for young students to play. The book concludes with a collection of creative concert solos. Several selections from this book have just recently been added to the Florida Bandmasters prescribed music list. Pedal to the Kettle is, "one of the best collections of timpani pieces I have seen," states Dr. Paul Buyer, director of Percussion at Clemson University. Full details on this collection can be found on the Tapspace website at www.tapspace.com. Tapspace Publications is based in Portland, OR, and stakes its claim in rare, creative percussion literature. The company now celebrates a growing library of books and folios in the genre of marching percussion, concert percussion, and drumset. In addition, Tapspace is the producer of the popular percussion sample library Virtual Drumline.


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