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New York City In October

Early Tuesday night Bobby Sanabria
takes a quartet through its paces working, traditional Israeli themes
to a Latin Jazz feel. I didn’t know what to expect but what they’ve
done is quite spectacular. Anytime Bobby is involved there is fire and
this was no exception. Bobby is again up for Latin Grammys and on the
line for the Mainstream awards as well. All the best to friend Bobby
Sanabria and look out for the History of Latin/Jazz, recently released
on PBS, as he is an integral part of that 4-part series.

Later Tuesday evening at noted jazz club Birdland, Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts
takes the stage with the Pat Martino quartet. Tain blew the roof off
the place halfway thru the 2nd set, with an intensity that is rare
these days at any volume. If you want to see where Jazz is going, it’s
got to include seeing Jeff “Tain” Watts or you’re missing out on what’s
really happening…

Hey it’s Wednesday night in Manhattan, so Will Calhoun
is doing a gig in New York’s Chelsea Art District. I like to walk from
the hotel since the venue is close and its a great fall night for a
stroll to the Art Gallery. The performance included a Japanese vocalist
and Will’s Sister doing an interpretive dance with his compositions
reflecting indigenous styles. Will doesn’t have many opportunities to
perform like this, so watch out for this rare showing… great stuff
and really shows off Will’s other side. I ran into old Friend Horacee
Arnold following Will’s show. Horace is now finishing up his first solo
album in several years…

Thursday night, October 29th in New York City and I’m NOT a baseball
fan, what do I do? As it happens I’m staying across the street from
Madison Square Garden, and there’s this Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame
Celebration Show going on with everything from Dylan to Jeff Beck to
Stevie Wonder and Springsteen so, what the heck, that’s where I go.
Check out the stage! I’ll get more shots out as the show progresses,
hang tight!

Thursday October 29 at Madison Square Garden, opening the show is Crosby, Stills and Nash with Joe Vitale
on drums, to lead the proceedings. They blew through some of their
favorite songs then brought out Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Brown and James
Taylor. What a show! And this was just the opening! To say the least
the bar was set high for the acts to follow.

Another stellar performance from Stevie Wonder with special guest
Jeff Beck on Wonder’s tune Superstition… they couldn’t have put more
stars on one stage in one evening…

BB King playing the blues Thursday night, October 29th, at Madison Square Garden to a Sold out house…

Ahh yes, my home away from home, LaGuardia Airport. Where would I be
without it? Seems like I’m here way too much, but then again it’s kind
of home. See you next month!

Report & Photography: Bobby Boos


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