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New York In July 2008

The week of July 27th, 2008 in New York had a lot going on with various
gigs, tours and meet-and-greets. The evening of Tuesday, July 29th began
with an in-the-Pit experience with Andres
at the Broadway show "In the
". This allowed a firsthand look at what happens below the stage for
a successful play, how the music works within the interplay, as well as what’s
going on while the actors are acting. Look for video on the site over the next few
weeks for the opportunity to see how it’s done. Later that evening a dinner meeting
with Jojo Mayer and Gary Seligson (Broadway Drummer/Tarzan & Billy Elliott) catching up with Jojo on
his return from Europe during the Jazz
Festival period. He is heading back on the road through August and mid-September,
with some time off before heading back to Europe
for October and November to finish off 2008 and his DVD


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