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Noted Jazz Drummer Yoron Israel Visits SABIAN

Berklee College of Music Educator Experiences Hand Hammering of SABIAN Cymbals

Yoron Israel, renowned in jazz circles for his playing with Sonny Rollins, Horace Silver, Roy Hargrove, Ahmad Jamal and numerous other major names, and as Assistant Chair and Professor at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, made his first visit to the SABIAN cymbal making facility in Meductic, Canada. Accompanied by SABIAN AR manager (and jazz aficionado) Paul Cellucci, Israel was keen to see the hand hammering process used by SABIAN craftsmen in the making of HH and Vault Artisan cymbals. In addition to spending much of his time with master product specialist Mark Love in the SABIAN Vault, where cymbals are designed, aged, and selected, Israel and the SABIAN Artist Relations Team discussed in depth the direction of cymbal sounds in jazz."I’ve played HH cymbals for years because I like their dark, tonally complex sounds. But I also like the fact that they are individually hand hammered, so it was great to stand next to the guys with the hammers and watch them do their thing. Hammering may look easy, but you quickly discover that it’s a real art… one that takes years to master. But in the end, the cymbal has the sort of dark and complex musical tone that is what makes HH and the Vault Artisan so great for Jazz."Added Cellucci: "Yoron is a real musician, so his interest in cymbals goes beyond the obvious. Like Jack DeJohnette, Jeff Watts, Harvey Mason, Billy Kilson, Joe Morello and other SABIAN players, he’s a Tone Man… someone who gets into the music that’s hammered into the metal. Seeing our guys hammering really impressed him, especially when he played the finished cymbals."Israel, a SABIAN endorser since 1992 produced a SABIAN Day at Berklee in 2007. "It’s important that today’s younger players have a sense of cymbal making history, and with their mix of traditional hand hammering and modern innovation, SABIAN offers the most complete story."

Report by: Wayne Blanchard


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