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Phenomenal Response To Jojo Mayer Clinic Tour

With Technique, Groove, and a Hit DVD, Mayer’s Popularity is Extremely HighCritically acclaimed as one of the world’s great drummers, Jojo Mayer stunned audiences with a clinic tour that saw him performing at major stores across the USA. Mayer, whose instructional DVD Weapons for the Modern Drummer is a major international hit, performed on a SABIAN set-up that included his signature Vault Fierce Ride and crashes, as well as the newly introduced 13″ Vault Fierce Hats. Said Geneal Manager George Rigney and Drum Dept. Mgr. Johnny Rago, Sam Ash, Springfield, NJ: “We’ve done our fair share of killer clinics, but this one is going in history… it was phenomenal! Jojo is amazing. His technique is unmatched, and he has a way of playing that sounds like he has 12 limbs. After playing over bunch of tracks and blowing everyone’s mind he did a 25-minute solo that was unbelievable. For the Q&A he was very informative, and after all that, he spent an hour signing merchandise and talking to the over 100 people that showed up. Overall it was phenomenal!”Commented SABIAN Events Manager Ann MacNally: “Since the release of his DVD, clinic requests for Jojo have jumped a thousand percent! Not only is he an incredible player and articulate speaker, he’s got some great magic tricks up his sleeve, and audiences around the world love him.”

Be sure to check out the new clips in Multimedia taken during this tour!!

Because Mayer features a Quiet Tone by SABIAN drum pad extensively in his video, a special pack consisting of 14″ Quiet Tone Pad, a pair of Vic Firth Stick, and a Weapons for the Modern Drummer DVD was available for purchase at these clinics, which happened at Sam Ash, Springfield, NJ; Indoor Storm, Raleigh, NC; Resurrection Drums, Hollywood, FL; Forks, Knoxville, TN; Drum HQ, St. Louis, MO; Music Center, Kenosha, WI; Backbeats, Salt Lake City, UT; San Jose Pro Drum, San Jose, CA; West LA Music, Los Angeles, CA; Explorer Percussion, Kansas City, MO.


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