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Ray Luzier (korn) & Adrian Erlandsson (deathstars) At The Brixton Academy (uk)

I caught up with both Ray Luzier and Adrian
at the Carling Brixton Academy in London.

Since leaving Cradle of Filth,
Adrian Erlandsson has embarked on
several music projects including his metal based clinics at drum festivals, music colleges and stores throughout Europe. His tour with Sweden based Deathstars is just
one of them. Rather than the usual blast beats, Adrian rocks straight ahead, playing
to sequences and loops with this 4-piece band as the regular drummer nursed an

Adrian’s choice of cymbals are scaled
down to 3 crashes on the large side, 19’s and 20’s including chinese in the
AAX range, a 20" AA Rock Ride and a pair of 14" AA Rock

Ray Luzier joined Korn at the end of 2007. Since then he has proved his mettle with his powerhouse expression, dynamic control, great
grooves and awesome licks. There is no mistaking Korn anthems like ‘Bottled Up Inside’, ‘Coming
Undone’, ‘Freak On A Leash’, ‘Evolution’ and ‘Twisted Transistor’, and Ray
nails them to the core.

Ray uses a set of
SABIANs chosen for their different voices. From the dark tones of HHX to the bright projection of
AAX and the the effect of the Evolution O-Zone, this set really works. Ray is also working the new APX range into his setup which gives him added cut in this combination.

Catch Korn and Ray when they hit town, and if
this is your first ‘live’ gig with Korn, the light show will blow you

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