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Redmond And Poiesz Burn It Down All Year!

SABIAN artists Rich Redmond and Mark Poiesz have had one fantastic Year! Redmond plays for multi-platinum country rocker Jason Aldean and Mark plays for fresh face Tyler Farr. Both drummers enjoyed each other’s company this year as the Jason Alden “Burn It Down” Tour took them to 80 major markets. Nearly every show was a complete sell out. With Aldean’s fourteen #1 songs and Tyler’s two, it makes for an exciting evening of entertainment.

Both drummers share a mutual respect and admiration for each other and enjoyed watching each other’s shows. The drummers also shared two educational events this year along with Sean Fuller (Florida Georgia Line).

“Country crowds are so loyal and rabid”, says Redmond. “The majority of the crowd is there at the start of the show, so Mark gets to play to a crazed group of fans even in the earlier hours of the evening. Mark is a killer player with a bright future in Nashville. I know the drumming community is happy to have him in Nashville”, raves Redmond.

“Rich is the face and sound of modern drumming in Nashville,” says Poiesz.”Being on the road with him every day is such an inspiration and a riotat the same time. It’s like we have this little traveling drum fraternity. I could never consider “mailing in” a show because I know what the crowd gets later in the evening.”

Both drummers also share a taste for larger cymbals. “I used two 20” AAX X-Plosion crashes and the 24” Bash Ride all year”, says Redmond. “Markturned me on to the 22” HHX Legacy Ride, which I love”, gushes Redmond. Redmond also uses a 21″ Holy China and two sets of 16″ AAX X-Plosion Hats (all in brilliant finish).

Poiesz adds, “I realized how similar our tastes were after a few weeks into the tour. I’ve moved up to the same 16″ AAX X-Plosion Hats as Rich and they are just incredible. You know you made a good move when the FOH engineer starts raving about hats!” Otherwise, Poiesz uses a mix of 20″ crashes, like an AAX X-Plosion, AAX Iso and HHX O-zone. “The Ozone is just dark, trashy, nasty perfection,” he laughs.

To take this musical bromance even further, the two drummers will be touring together again for all of 2015. One thing is certain….Sabian will be represented on the stage in a BIG way!


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