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Rich Redmond Brings ‘crash Course For Success’ Clinic To Life

Drummer Jason Aldean and producer/clinician Rich Redmond recently completed a run of 5 clinics sponsored by SABIAN. Entitled "CRASH Course for Success", the clinics are motivational events covering the music, mental, and business skills required for success both in the music business – and the game of life.

"I remember attending lots of clinics growing up. It was usually a 90-minute drum solo followed by an ‘any questions?’ scenario", says Rich. "I strive for an 'edu-tainment' presentation. I play a solo, perform tracks from hit songs I have recorded, share stories, answer questions and demystify the often-mistaken perceptions about being a touring and recording musician."

The CRASH Course clinics are based on Rich’s “Commitment-Relationships-Attitude-Skill-Hunger” concept, which people from all walks of life can use to bring success into their lives. Recent tour stops include the University Of South Carolina Percussion Department in Columbia (hosted by Scott Herring), the Mclennan Community College Commercial Music Department in Waco, Texas (hosted by Jon Kutz), Melhart Music in MacAllen, Texas (hosted by Art Baca), the University of Illinois School of Music Percussion Department (hosted by Ricardo Flores), and the Moon Dog Drum House in Galesburg, Illinois (hosted by Justin Mooney).

During the University of Illinois clinic, Rich reunited with Ron Fink, a former teacher from the University of North Texas. Fink was in town to participate in the 100’th Homecoming event and to present a speech on the rich history of percussion at the University. "It was awesome to see Ron again after so many years,” wrote Rich. “He is a great teacher!

Here's what a few of Rich's recent hosts have to say about this fun event:

"Rich's clinic was attended by 70 music students and 25 drummers from the local community. Having seen many clinics while attending UNT and PAS conventions, I feel experienced enough to say that Rich puts on one of the best clinics I have ever witnessed. He has the right amount of player/educational background to express musical ideas in a well thought out and entertaining fashion. The attendee’s were mesmerized by Rich’s playing ability and coupled with his energy, humor and candid approach, the advice really hit home. The clinic lasted for over two hours during which not one person left – a testament to Rich’s gift as a player, teacher and entertainer. We would love to bring Rich in every two years if possible, we loved him that much!" – Jonathan Kutz, Professor of Percussion, Mclennan College

"It was just what students need to know about getting out in the real world and making it happen. Rich's insight and experience are invaluable. His upbeat personality and incredible enthusiasm kept the audience interested the entire time. I would recommend his inspirational presentation to anyone interested in making a living in the world of music." – Ricardo Flores, Associate Professor of Percussion, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Rich's clinic for the students at USC was high energy and very engaging. Rich combines performing drum parts with tracks and passing down real life lessons about being a professional musician. His clinics go beyond the drum set, and apply to musicians in all fields. Very valuable information!" – Scott Herring, Assistant Professor of Percussion, University of South Carolina School Of Music

"Rich's clinic was one of the best clinics we have ever had at Melhart Music. Rich has an impenetrable attitude that is truly contagious because it is so genuine. People were completely engaged by his perfect mix of playing and preaching. A consummate professional, his groove was to die for! Awesomely solid, tasteful, modern drumming! If I ever get the opportunity to have Rich here again, it's a no-brainer!" – Art Baca, Percussion Manager, Melhart Music


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