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Rich Redmond’s ‘crash’ Clinics


On January 28th, Rich Redmond visited the campus of The University of Texas in San Marcos, Tx. Professor of Percussion Genaro Gonzalez and Assistant Professor of Percussion Kari Klier hosted Rich for his ‘CRASH Course For Success Clinic."

Rich’s clinic covers the mental, musical and business skills necessary for success in the music business and game of life. As an acronym, CRASH stand for: COMMITMENT-RELATIONSHIPS-ATTITUDE-SKILL-HUNGER. Rich explains the concepts as they relate to the ultimate attraction of success in life. Concepts such as Positive Mental Attitude, Attitude-Behavior-Consequence, Passion-Determination-Persistence , Playing-Personality-People Skills, The Virtues of Teamwork, Professionalism and Basic Business Concepts are also presented. The CRASH Course is a high energy, educational and motivational event presented in an entertaining style. Storytelling is common theme and questions are always encouraged.

A combination of percussion majors and business students attended the event. This is what Kari Klier had to say:

"Rich’s clinic was fabulous! The faculty and students were more engaged in this clinic than any clinic we have brought to Texas State University. Rich’s enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! The hour and a half flew by and then the students couldn’t get enough of him after it was over! The information he is putting out is unique and needs to be heard by starry eyed students! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have hosted Rich!"On Feb, 5th Rich also presented his CRASH Course at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke with Tracy Wiggins hosting. In addition to the motivational element of the clinic, Rich does some soloing, plays to #1 hit songs he has recorded with platinum selling country rocker Jason Aldean and discusses the value of reading music, writing charts, playing styles, practicing all the percussion instruments, studying the history of the instrument, developing rudimental chops, playing with clicks, the Nashville Number System and many other mysterious (and not always discussed) subjects. Rich’s intimate, storytelling style serves as a great springboard for questions related to success in the music business and any path in life.

Tracy Wiggins says, "Rich Redmond gives an excellent clinic that combines the excitement of hearing his high quality live playing with his infectious enthusiasm for all things music! The combination in the clinic of information about drumming AND the music industry struck a chord with all of our students. Rich has an excellent approach that reaches every student in the room and makes them feel like anything is possible, and you can’t ask for more from a clinician!"

"I really had a blast at both of these events. The students were warm, receptive and very curious. The future of the percussive arts is in good hands with great teachers like Tracy, Kari and Genaro", says Rich. "I’m loving life as a clinician! I’m booking tons of events around my touring and recording schedule".

The events were sponsored by SABIAN Cymbals, Sonor Drums, Promark Drumsticks, Remo Drumheads, Hansenfutz Practice Pedals, Audio Technica Microphones and Pure Sound Percussion. Special Thanks also go to: RhythmTech, Grover, Danmar, Qwikstix, Alcorn Cases, Impact Cases, The Drumdial, The Robokey, Safehoops, Woodshed Percussion, BlowitFans, Hiptrix. Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzers, Real Feel Pads, PhatFoot and DrumFun.

Please visit www.crashcourseforsuccess.com for booking inquiries.Rich was recently featured in a informative web interview at DrumMagazine.com. Here is the link: http://www.drummagazine.com/features/post/rich-redmond-thinking-musically/This is Rich’s LIVE/STUDIO cymbal setup.16" Prototype Hats (hand selected from the factory Vault)15" AA Rock Hats as auxiliary hats12" AA Splash stacked on a 12" AA Mini Chinese2 19" Vault Saturation Crashes24" Custom Made AA Rock Ride20" HHX Evolution Ride (for sessions)19" Vault Devastation China or Paragon China19" HHX Ozone Crash (for sessions)Rich says, "For Clinics, I like to keep my setup very basic. That way, I show the kids that you can drive a band and play very musically with a small setup. This usually includes 15" AA Rock Hats, 20" HHX Evolution Ride, and 2 19" Vault Saturation Crashes".


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