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Richard Bravo Embarks On World Tour With Juanes

International Drum and Percussion Artist Richard Bravo has recently embarked on a world concert tour with international Latin superstar Juanes.

Continuing to the end of the year, the tour will feature spectacular video effects and live video feeds to encourage audience participation, truly making the audience a part of the show.

In a pre-show interview Bravo claims that, “Juanes truly wishes for everyone to come and check out his show. He puts his heart and soul into his music, and his passion for showmanship is incredible!” Despite the economic hardship of touring, Juanes insists that his music be presented in the best possible way, and no expenses have been spared.

Richard goes on to say that, “This Band is killing and sounds great – above all else we strive to serve the music.

For tour dates, photos and information, please visit


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