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A Day Off See This Top Drummer Entertaining Young Students

After playing Rihanna’s ‘Last Girl on Earth’ concert at Frankfurt’s Festhalle, drummer Chris Johnson travelled south to Aschaffenburg, where he donated his time to play a clinic for the over 40 student and fans at the newly opened Modern Music School.

We opened two weeks ago,” said school owner Timo Kreckel, “so it’s great to already have such a such a fine player for a workshop. When they heard Chris Johnson was coming, all our students made reservations. The drum students want to see Chris’ fantastic chops and deep grooves, but there are guitar, bass and keyboard players who also want to see him in action, talking about drums, cymbals, life on the road, and working with Rihanna, Stevie Wonder, Anastacia, and other major names“.

SABIAN’s Christian Koch met with Chris and his drum tech, the legendary Chris Achet (everyone on stage in named Chris!), during sound check at the Fest Halle. The cymbal set-up is a mixture of HHX and AAX with 14” HHX Evolution Hats; 7”, 10”, 12” Evolution Splash; 12” AAX Splash; 19” AAX X-Plosion Crash; 17” AAX X-Treme Chinese: 18” HHX Evolution Crash; 18” AAX O-Zone Crash; 20” HHX Legacy Ride; and a special Prototype Ride and a hats stacker on his left side.

Rihanna is hot on the charts, and so this was a sold-out show, with a ‘smoking’ band that nails every groove and fill with precision – better than on the record.

Report from:
Christian Koch – SABIAN Germany


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