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Rise Against With Billy Talent

Rise Against rolled through Los Angeles on Saturday night with Billy Talent in tow. How does a band know when they’ve "arrived" at the big time? Well, who knows but if you’re headlining The Forum it’s a pretty good bet- you’re there! Rise Against has been paying their dues on the road for the last 10 years. Now with their latest release Appeal to Reason topping the charts they are playing the big venues this summer in the U.S. As their band’s name suggests there are some subtle and not so subtle messages they have for fans who are happy to lend their voices to the demonstration. SABIAN Artist Relations’ Chris Stankee went to the show on Saturday. He says, "I’ve been a Rise fan since 2004’s The Suffer & The Witness and was very happy when Brandon Barnes contacted us about playing Sabian. He’s got such an amazing style on the kit- TOTALLY unique. Ray Luzier and I went to see them a few years ago at The Troubadour and we were both just asking ourselves how on earth he plays like that? It’s like he’s floating over the kit or something, but its crazy powerful and fast at times. Really brilliant drummer. Bob Bryar from My Chemical Romance and I rode our motorcycles down to the show since he had a break from recording. Bob has toured with both Rise and Billy Talent many times over the years and are all good friends and happy to catch up." Aaron Solowoniuk and his band Billy Talent are opening this tour and are no easy act to follow. They are out supporting their latest album that has just been released everywhere except the U.S. (Out in Sept.) BILLY TALENT III. Aaron is playing all HHX Evolution. He has discovered that he can get great projection and response out of these cymbals without the effort required to play a heavier cymbal. Aaron is a great drummer who actively battles Multiple Sclerosis. Not one to take things lying down Aaron created F.U.M.S. as an expression of his anger with a disease for which there is no cure, and which can ravage a life. It is also his way of showing that anger, while understandable, should also be channeled to more positive outcomes. F.U.M.S. is a driving force behind the M.S. Society of Canada’s scholarship fund that helped to send 80 young people to college last year. THAT is making a difference!

Report: Christian Stankee


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