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Ron Tierno

Here’s a dilemma: you’ve been called for a live record date at Birdland, the well-known jazz club on 44th street in Manhattan. However, this is not your standard jazz gig. This will be a piano/bass/drums trio backing The Callaway Sisters (Ann Hampton Callaway and Liz Callaway), playing 60’s and 70’s pop tunes. They’ve included every style from Earth, Wind and Fire, to The Turtles and The Beatles. What kind of cymbal set-up would you use?

The diversity of SABIAN cymbals provided everything I needed in this situation. I chose a 20” HH Jazz Ride with a 16” HH Bright Crash. For Hi-Hats, I went with a pair of 13” HHX Manhattan Jazz Hats for a crispness that never gets too edgy. And for an alternate ride/crash, I selected an 18” Artisan Suspended to use as a soft ride with added rivets. It provided a clear stick sound that also speaks well with brushes.

The recording came out great, and is selling very well. The CD is called “Boom Live at Birdland” – Ann Hampton Callaway and Liz Callaway, released in July 2011 on the PS Classics label.

[Ron Tierno is a veteran freelance drummer in New York City. Over the past 30 years he has worked on numerous Broadway shows (including 11 years with the musical CATS). He has also performed, toured and recorded in a wide range of musical styles over the years, from Frankie Valli in 1978 (Grease) to recent Christmas concerts with the Boston Pops. Currently, Ron has a teaching studio at Maxwell Vintage Drums in New York City.]


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