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Russ Mckinnon Plays Staples Center/los Angeles…

Thursday February 14th at the Staples Center
in Los Angeles Russ McKinnon prepares to play with Pop
Star Barry Manilow to a sold-out
crowd of over 20,000 "Fanilow’s". The Band spends much of it’s time in Las
Vegas doing weekly shows with month-long breaks allowing them to do regular
tour dates such as this show in L.A. They’re now doing a West Coast group of
dates before heading to the United Kingdom
for shows then Europe followed by another run
in Vegas.

Russ has 3 setups
going at all times with one in Vegas, 1 with his touring rig and another full
setup for rehearsals. Some of his cymbals are the 22" Vault Jam
Master Ride, AA 14" Sizzle Hats, HHX 18" Vault Fierce Crash, AAX 17" Explosion Crash
and HH 18" Thin Crash (see Russ’ setup diagram)…

If you happen to be a "Fanilow" check this tour out as it
features a 40-piece Orchestra at each show including on the tour dates…


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