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SABIAN Advertising Wins Trade Magazine Award

Innovative ‘What’s Your Sound’ Cymbal Advertising Wins Dealer VoteThe SABIAN ‘What’s Your Sound?’ advertising program has won the Music Inc. 2008 Supplier Excellence Award for ‘Marketing: Ad Campaigns’. Appearing in percussion publications around the world, ‘What’s Your Sound?’ ads invite readers to consider their sound in terms of Modern or Vintage, Bright or Dark. According to SABIAN Senior Marketing Manager Wayne Blanchard, the program exists to "simplify the cymbal selection process so drummers will choose the best cymbals and sounds for their needs."

Blanchard, who is designing and directing the campaign in-house at SABIAN headquarters in Canada, emphasizes that ‘What’s Your Sound?’ is more about communication than advertising, which is, he feels, likely why dealers voted it #1. "It


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