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SABIAN Announces A New, Better B8 Pro

What better way to mark 20 years of the SABIAN B8 Pro series than launching a new, even better B8 Pro?

Bright, tonally focused sounds, a wide range of models and Brilliant looks that kill have been hallmarks of the SABIAN B8 Pro series since 1991. These qualities have propelled B8 Pro to consistently solid sales figures throughout its 20 year history. However, not content to rest on their laurels, the artisans of the SABIAN Vault are marking 20 years of this iconic cymbal with the design of a new, better B8 Pro.

The knowledge and techniques we have acquired by producing some of the world’s best cymbals – such as the HHX and Artisan series – don’t get forgotten when we come to the design table for B8 Pro,” says SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love. “Even though this is a cymbal designed for players just getting into their first set of quality B8 Bronze cymbals, we have introduced a new, larger hammering pattern as well as subtle design changes to the bell that have significantly improved its sound.

The results speak for themselves. The new, better B8 Pro is richer sounding, with a complexity of tone not typically found in cymbals at this price point. It opens up when hit hard, but now also “gives up the goods” when played lightly.

It’s the latest cymbal development from award winning cymbal maker SABIAN, and it’s fully protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty.

Cymbal Facts
Metal: B8 SABIAN Bronze
Weight: Thin, Medium
and Rock models
Finish: Brilliant
Warranty: Two Years

8" 30805B
10" 31005B
10" China 31016B
12" 31205B

14" Medium 31402B
14" Rock 31403B

20" Medium 32012B
20" Rock 32014B

13" Thin 31306B
14" Thin 31406B
15" Thin 31506B
16" Thin 31606B
17" Thin 31706B
18" Thin 31806B
16" Medium 31608B
18" Medium 31808B
16" Rock 31609B
18" Rock 31809B
20" Rock 32009B

14" Mini 31416B
16" 31616B
18" 31816B

Performance 35003B
Effects 35005B
Rock 35009B

14" 31422B
16" 31622B
18" 31822B


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