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SABIAN Celebrates 20 Years Of SABIAN/pasic Scholarship Winners

SABIAN Celebrates 20 Years of SABIAN/PASIC Scholarship Winners

The SABIAN/PASIC Scholarship is a wonderful idea. As someone who has made percussion my life, I place great value on my years of studying as well as my experience with the Percussive Arts Society.Dame Evelyn Glennie, DBE

Eight current and former Percussion Majors from Canada each made the long trip to the SABIAN factory in Meductic to mark 20 years of the SABIAN/PASIC Scholarship Award. In these times of dwindling education budgets, it was a timely reminder of the impact that music and music education can make on the lives of young undergraduates.

It was over twenty years ago that Ian Turnbull approached legendary SABIAN founder Robert Zildjian with the idea of setting up a scholarship for Canadian University Percussion students. The Scholarship would allow them to attend the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, the world’s largest annual gathering of drummers and percussionists.

Ian Turnbull’s dream became a reality in 1990 when SABIAN announced the SABIAN/PASIC Scholarship. Award winners were to receive paid entry registration to the convention, transportation to-and-from the convention city, accommodations and a one-year membership in the Percussive Arts Society. Since then, 20 very talented Canadian students have made the trip, and the impact it has made on their lives and careers has been significant.

In 2000, the first ten years of the Scholarship were marked by inviting the first 10 Award winners to Meductic. Ten years later, the fruit of Mr. Turnbull’s efforts are once again seen, felt and heard as the newest ten members of this incredibly talented young group of 20 descend upon the SABIAN Factory. Each of them is keenly aware of the difference that music can make to the lives of students, and each eagerly shared their ideas of how SABIAN can continue to facilitate learning in public schools and universities. A consistent theme was the importance of continued support for the PAS by SABIAN.

The Percussive Arts Society is considered to be the central source for information and networking for percussionists and drummers around the globe. A non-profit music service organization, its mission is to promote percussion education research, performance and appreciation throughout the world. The PASIC event itself boasts a massive display of percussion instruments, many of which are new introductions. It’s a great opportunity for students, teachers and performers alike to try, and to buy from the world’s best instrument manufacturers.

SABIAN wishes each of the twenty winners much continued success, and looks forward to 20 more years of association with PAS and helping talented undergraduate students attend this internationally renowned and potentially life-altering event.

The 20 PASIC Scholarship winners to date are as follows:
1991 Kyle Radomsky – White Rock, BC
1992 Ann McGregor – London, ON
1993 Romano DeNillo – St. John's, NF
1994 Lauren Vanexem – Dorchester, ON
1995 Art Mullin – North York, ON*
1996 Matt Duboff – Winnipeg, MN
1997 Gina Ryan – St. John's, NF
1998 Ed Choi – Toronto, ON
1999 Ian Gibson – Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
2000 Michael Gambarcurta – Camlachie, ON
2001 Andrew Dunsmore – St. John's, NF*
2002 Ainsley McNeaney – Toronto, ON
2003 Keith Harding – St. John's, NF*
2004 Patricia Mangat – Kincardine, ON
2005 Ben Duinker – Halifax, NS
2006 Scott Latham – St. John's, NF*
2007 Whitney Rowe – St. John's, NF*
2008 Gregory Harrison – NB*
2009 Sanja Brankovic – ON*
2010 Colin Van de Reep – AB*
2011 Noam Bierstone – ON
2012 Alex Artale – ON

* In attendance.

Check out some of the photos taken throughout the day in the Photo Viewer above.


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