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SABIAN Celebrates 30 Years Of Innovation!

Cymbal Maker Enters New Decade of Forward-Thinking Cymbal Design

The introduction of AAX and HHX – the world’s first truly modern cymbal lines. The early signing of world class endorsers like Larry Londin, Phil Collins and Harvey Mason, and the Signature series of cymbals that followed. The first “Sonically Matched” professional-level box sets in the industry. These are but a few of the landmarks in a remarkable 30-year history that saw a small, upstart company from a tiny Canadian town become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cymbals.

“It’s been quite a ride!” exclaims SABIAN president Andy Zildjian. “Having been here from the very beginning to watch our growth first-hand, I can say that our spirit of innovation, the quality of our products and the relevance of our brand have consistently been our focus from day one. And I can confirm that will never change.”

As a result of the pursuit of quality, relevance and innovation, the company has become home to many of the finest drummers in the world – artists as diverse as Jojo Mayer, Neil Peart, Jack DeJohnette, Chad Smith and Dave Weckl. These artists don’t just play Sabian cymbals – they’re obsessed with them. To honour the tight bond between the manufacturer and its endorsers, SABIAN has launched “Obsessed”, a new advertising and brand campaign that celebrates 30 years of the finest drummers, and the cymbals that inspire them.

As SABIAN enters its fourth decade as a leading cymbal manufacturer, new challenges lie ahead, challenges that founder Robert Zildjian likely did not foresee when he launched SABIAN in 1982. “30 years. Been there, done that – twice”, he writes. “But the last 30 years at SABIAN have passed by like 30 days.”

“In the last 30 years, everything in music has changed”, continues RZ, as he is affectionately known within the company. “The only thing that hasn’t changed is our devotion to making the best cymbals in the world even better.” The recent product launches of the OMNI and Holy China serve to underscore his words. It’s clear the spirit of innovation is alive and well in Meductic – and fans are still lining up to play the cymbals!


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