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SABIAN Cymbal And Sound Guide 2010

An Innovative Guide From An Innovative Cymbal Maker

The latest initiative in the SABIAN ‘What’s Your Sound?’ program is the company’s Cymbal & Sound Guide 2010. Featuring state of the art photography and fresh design concepts, this 32-page publication focuses on the eleven SABIAN cymbal series and collections, lists the hottest ‘Core Models’, highlights ‘Killer’ cymbals, and includes many of the major players, like Mike Portnoy, Neil Peart, Chad Smith, Ray Luzier, and others who have made SABIAN their cymbal of choice.

Available online and free of charge at leading drum and music stores around the world, the SABIAN Cymbal & Sound Guide and supplemental Gear Guide (a model listing) were produced by the SABIAN In-House Team and has already been dubbed a ‘collectors item’.


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