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SABIAN Cymbals Featured In Beijing

China was keen to impress the world with spectacular opening and closing ceremonies for the recent Olympic games… and they succeeded!The performances in the closing ceremony featured many SABIAN instruments. The Chinese Military Band performed with a full complement of SABIAN Synergy hand cymbals that were clearly heard in the playing of the Chinese national anthem. In addition, SABIAN endorser and international percussion soloist, Li Biao, led an ensemble of 8 percussionists that performed a prominent part in the music for the ceremony. Each player had 12 cymbals and three triangles as part of their set-ups.Instruments that were used by Li Biao and other percussionists included:-6" HH Splash6" AA Splash8" AAX Splash8" HH Splash10" AA China Splash10" AAX O-Zone Splash12" AAX O-Zone Splash14" HH Mini Chinese16" HH Thin Chinese16" HH Chinese20" AA Chinese12" AA Mini Hi-Hats4" HH Triangle6" HH Triangle8" HH TriangleThese formidable set-ups made a great contribution to the overall production of the ceremony. Li Biao’s playing has long been known to the international community through his performances in Europe and as a soloist with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra. In 2009 he will make several soloist appearances with the orchestra when it tours Europe.


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