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SABIAN & Gon Bops Present Alex Acuna At Musik Messe 2013

We are pleased to announce that legendary percussionist and drummer ALEX ACUNA will be performing with SABIAN Cymbals and GON BOPS Percussion at the Agora Stage on Saturday, April 13th from 4:00 – 4:30pm.

Alex’s accomplishments and the impressive list of artists he has performed and recorded with are nothing short of breathtaking. U2, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Sergio Mendes, Chick Corea, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock and Tito Puente are just a few names from a very long list that also includes Elvis Presley and Diana Ross.

Alex is perhaps best known for his work with legendary jazz-fusion band Weather Report and played on the ground-breaking albums “Black Market” and “Heavy Weather”.


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