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SABIAN Introduces New Frequency Reduced Cymbal Series Frx

SABIAN has just announced a brand new kind of cymbal for drummers who are tired of being asked to hold back because their cymbals are too loud for the playing situation. Whether it’s the church music director because their cymbals are bleeding into the choir mics, or the front of house tech because their cymbals have too much attack for the room, there isn’t a drummer alive who hasn’t been told to “hold back”, “play quiet”, or “turn down”! SABIAN FRX (Frequency Reduced) cymbals are the solution.

…FRX are cymbals designed for playing environments where traditional cymbals are just too much…

SABIAN emphasizes that FRX are NOT low volume or practice cymbals – they are for situations where cymbal volume could be a challenge.

Available in 14” Hats, 16”-17”-18” Crashes, and 20”-21” Rides, FRX cymbals offer complex and versatile dark tone across the line. The Hats pair a light top over a medium-weight bottom for exceptional versatility, clean sticking and crisp response. The Crashes are fast and shimmering, with an exceptionally soft touch. And the Rides deliver dark, articulate stroke response and buttery-soft feel.

…FRX give real drummers in real life situations the freedom to play any gig without holding back…

SABIAN FRX are THE solution for lower volume environments like churches, weddings, corporate gigs, small venues, schools, musical theater, cruise ships, drummers who sing, band rehearsals, and many, many more.

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