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SABIAN Introduces Players’ Choice For 2012

Innovative Cymbal Company Dares to Let Drummers Decide!

Traditionally, drum companies spend vast sums of time and money on product development so that they can tell drummers what to like – and what to play. In 2012, Sabian will turn this paradigm completely on its head.

With the introduction of Players’ Choice, the innovative cymbal maker is providing a forum that allows drummers from around the world to choose its 2012 product offering. It’s the first time ever an instrument manufacturer has done so. In addition, SABIAN will bring together a diverse group of its top endorsers to play the new cymbals so that drummers everywhere can watch, and choose.

Here’s how it works: innovative Vault artisans from SABIAN have been asked to develop a list of 12 exciting new cymbal models – Rides, Crashes, Hats, Effects and more. The cymbals will be carefully shipped to a studio in California, where a group of top SABIAN endorsers – including Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, Neil Peart, Terry Bozzio, Dave Elitch and Stefanie Eulinberg – will be filmed playing the cymbals in all styles and genres. Viewers will be able to watch video online and vote to eliminate one cymbal each week, for 8 weeks. At the end of the 8 weeks, the top 4 cymbals will be announced as SABIAN’s new product offering at the annual NAMM show.

The voting begins today. A complete list of cymbals and endorsers will be featured at www.CymbalVOTE.com, so register now! Each week, anyone who has signed up will receive a text message when a cymbal is voted off the list, prompting them to vote again for their favourites – all of which can be done conveniently from their mobile device.



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