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SABIAN Introduces Redesigned Crotales And Mounting Bars

SABIAN has announced it will be launching freshly redesigned Crotales and Mounting Bars at the 2017 PASIC show in Indianapolis. The new Crotales feature countersunk center holes to accept recessed rubber caps, and the new bars include shorter mounting pins. This combination allows the caps to sit almost flush with the Crotale surface, greatly reducing the possibility of extraneous noise when performing. The new design also allows for greater control of the Crotale while bowing − without compromising the sound. 

Additionally, the new steel reinforced stem on the Mounting Bars significantly reduces the potential of breakage at this common stress point.

Please note the redesigned Crotales will fit on the older style Mounting Bars (61048H and 61048L), but the older style Crotales will not fit the new bars. Both the new Crotales and Mounting Bars will fit into the SABIAN Hard Shell Crotale Case (61139).

For more information, please contact [email protected].


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