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SABIAN Introduces Vault Artisan Traditional Symphonic Medium-heavy Extra Dark

SABIAN introduced orchestral cymbals to its premium VAULT collection in 2009 with Artisan Traditional Symphonic Medium Light and Medium Heavy models. Created to fill demand from the world’s top percussionists, VAULT Artisan Symphonic Cymbals have consistently outperformed and outclassed other orchestral cymbals since their inception.

And now once again, in response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from professional percussionists to Artisan Traditional Symphonic Medium Heavy Extra Dark prototypes, SABIAN is proud to announce the addition of these exceptional Extra Dark models to its orchestral cymbal line-up.

“We quickly recognized that professional musicians loved these extra dark, heavy models for their ability to cut through the orchestra,” said SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love. “They’re easy to play softly at very low volumes, and still produce a fantastically rich sound.”

Considerably darker than current Traditional Symphonic pairs, SABIAN Extra Dark models provide exceptionally clear articulation, extended dynamic range and the ability to cut through any orchestral setting.

Artisan Traditional Symphonic Medium Heavy Extra Dark cymbals are handcrafted by SABIAN Vault Artisans from SABIAN B20 Cast Bronze, and are protected by a SABIAN 2-Year Warranty in North America.

Size: 18", 20"
Weight: Medium-Heavy
Finish: Natural (Brilliant is optional)
Metal: B20 Bronze
Warranty: Two Years

18" A1855E
20" A2055E
For Brilliant Finish add ‘B’ to end of part #
(example: A1855EB)


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