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SABIAN President AZ To Host New “Drummer’s High” Broadcast

In collaboration with EnterTalk Media, SABIAN President and CEO Andy Zildjian will host “Drummer’s High”, a new broadcast that examines the exhilarating state of flow that is unique to drummers. The state of Drummer’s High is achieved in the excitement of performing – it’s a combination of the joy of making music, the innate human response to rhythm, the power of moving audiences large and small, and the sheer physicality and athleticism of drumming.

Each episode will highlight the many ingredients necessary to achieve this flow state, and will tap one or more notable drummers to share their insights, tips and experiences in achieving drummer’s high. The first season has been shot, and features drummers David Garibaldi, John Paris, Rich Redmond, Mark Schulman and Roger Friend.

“I have always been fascinated by the philosophies, experiences and lifestyle choices drummers make so they can perform at the highest level,” comments AZ. “It goes way beyond technical tips to everything from health and fitness, listening practices, special interests, relationship-building, mapping out careers, navigating the business side of the music industry, and approaches to performance vs recording.”

“Andy Zildjian and SABIAN truly understand what it is to be a drummer in today’s music biz, and that makes them the perfect partner for hosting and co-producing Drummer’s High”, said Florentino Buenaventura, CEO of EnterTalk Media. “We believe the show’s conversations and insights can help foster a deeper understanding of drumming as an artform and create a stronger bond among the drummers of the world. “

Drummers High will premier May 27 on https://www.facebook.com/SABIANCymbals/.

For more information, please visit entertalkmedia.com/series/drummers-high/


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