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SABIAN @ Sam Ash Drum Summit

Having realized that Long Island hosts a remarkable population of esteemed drummers and educators, Lou Gervey, manager of the Sam Ash Huntington Drum Department and Dom Famularo, motivational drum set artist and educator came up with a novel idea: to host a drum clinic with a panel of drummers, rather than just one. The idea came to fruition Thursday night, 6:30 PM at the Sam Ash in Huntington, NY, where a large crowd of aspiring drummers and drum fans gathered with Dom Famularo, John Macaluso, John Favicchia, Chris Tibaldi, Camille Gainer, and Stephane Chamberland, and other guests.The 1st Annual Sam Ash Drum Summit was touted as an opportunity for audience members to learn about the history of drumming, as well as have their questions about technique or style answered by one of the professional drummers present. With a single kit set up behind the artists, panelists were able to answer questions verbally, and then take turns on the kit demonstrating various techniques as requested by the audience.After passing the mic to briefly discuss each artist’s individual history and stylistic influences, the crowd was invited to participate. The panel touched on a wide variety of topics, including brush technique, soloing, playing without warm up, improvisation, time signatures, drum corp techniques, speed and accuracy, the importance of books and DVDs as learning tools, stick control, stroke differences, and at one point, the audience was even invited to participate in an impromptu drum circle. Some of the panel members demonstrated on pads, showing various grip and accuracy skills. Midway through the event, the audience was treated to a raffle with great prizes from SABIAN. The three hour summit then closed with brief performances from Camille Gainer, Stephane Chamberland, and John Macaluso, each demonstrating a highly unique style that wowed the audience. The experience proved to be memorable and highly educational for all in attendance, and the success of the event paved the way for an announcement by Lou Gervey that plans for the second Drum Summit are already forthcoming.John Macaluso uses a 21" Vault Universal Ride, 13" Vault Radia Hi-Hats, 2 14" Evolution Chinas, 2 18" HHX X-Plosion Crash, 1 19" HHX X-Plosion Crash.John Favicchia uses a 12” Kang over a 10" splash, 14" Evolution HH,10" Mini Hats, 16" Studio Crash, 20" Evolution Ride,10" Evolution Splash,13" Evolution HH,16" Extreme Crash, 14" Mini ChineseDom Famularo uses a 10" HHX Splash, 12" HHX Splash, 16" HHX Stage Crash, 20" HHX Evolution Ride , 16" HHX Studio Crash, 20" HHX Legacy Ride, 20" HHX Chinese , 13" HHX Hats, 18" HHX Chinese, 14" HHX Hats.Camille Gainer uses a 10" HHX Evolution Splash, 08" AAX Splash, 20" HHX Evolution Ride, 16" HHX Evolution Crash, 13" HHX Groove Hats, 18" HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash, 15" HHXplosion Crash, 17" HHX Legacy Crash, 16" HH Chinese, 15" HHXplosion Crash, 16" HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash.Stephane Chamberland uses a 20" HHX Evolution Ride, 7" HHX Evolution Splash, 10" HHX Evolution Splash, 12" HHX Evolution Splash, 14" HHX Evolution Hats, 13" HHX Evolution Hats, 16" HHX Evolution Crash, 16" Vault Crash, 18" HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash, 20


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