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SABIAN SBR Named Best Cymbals for Beginners

If having a few options is good, then having lots of options is better, right? SABIAN offers more than 500 cymbal models across 11 cymbal series in a number of different finishes, not to mention the almost limitless possibilities in our Custom Shop. When you’re a drummer just starting out (or a parent looking to buy your child’s first drum set), the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Getting the right cymbal sound for your style (and your budget) can make or break your drum kit, but faced with such a vast range in price and quality, how can you tell if you’re getting the best cymbals for your money? 

Luckily, in a recent article, MusicRadar.com made their picks for the 18 best cymbals 2019 and SABIAN SBR topped the list as the best budget cymbals for beginners. Noting that SBR cymbals feature professional hammering and lathing, MusicRadar.com calls them “impressive sounding” and “ideal for beginner drummers.”

While this is something most veteran drummers learn early on, the article helpfully points out that “newcomers to drumming can be caught unawares when they budget for their first kit, not realising that drum manufacturers don’t make cymbals and that the cheap brass cymbals thrown in with their starter kit are hideous duffers. Cheap cymbals just sound nasty.” 

They go on to say, “the SBR range covers the popular sizes a beginner is most likely to need. The medium weight and classic profile, along with the Sabian logo, give the cymbals authenticity. And they look the part with their deep, large-peen hammering and pinpoint lathing. This is the same hand-guided, high-pressure hammering and hand lathing that Sabian lavishes on its expensive bronze cymbals.

The good news for beginners? With SABIAN SBR in the mix, there’s no longer any need to buy cheap, nasty cymbals. Check out their full review of the SBR here.

For more experienced drummers, other SABIAN cymbals to make the MusicRadar list include some killer AAX, HH, and the Artisan models.

MusicRadar.com describes the AAX series as “powerful and bright rock cymbals,” citing their exceptional build quality, sweet, glassy tones, powerful larger sizes, and the huge range of cymbal types available. They have a full 5-star review of the AAX V-Crashes here.


The HH (Hand Hammered) series has been an industry leader for nearly 40 years and MusicRadar.com echoed that describing them as “refined, vintage cymbal sounds” mentioning that they are exceptionally well made, hand crafted, and difficult to fault. It is hard to top a classic. You can read their 5-star review here.

The Artisan series rounds out their list of best cymbals for 2019 as the “ultra-premium” option. Calling them “beautiful cymbals made with ultimate expertise,” MusicRadar.com’s review describes their  stunning, dark sounds as the pinnacle of the craft of cymbal-making. Be sure to read more about the exquisite Artisan series here.

Whether you’re shopping for a beginner cymbal set or a premium option for more discerning tastes — or anything in-between — SABIAN’s got you covered with the most varied and innovative options in cymbals and sounds … Because Sound Matters!


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