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SABIAN Set To Announce Cymbal Vote Winners At Namm Show

Throughout September and October, drummers from around the world voted in great numbers to ensure their favourite cymbals made the final podium for the 2013 Cymbal Vote. And now with the NAMM show set to kick off, the time to announce the winning models has arrived!

In 2012, multiple sets of the 12 new cymbal cymbals developed by the SABIAN Vault team were shipped to select dealers worldwide, allowing customers to try them first-hand. This certainly upped the ante on the excitement level over for those who were able to play them – and many did. With 300 tour stops in a dozen countries worldwide, the cymbals got played! As a result, total voting almost doubled over Cymbal Vote 2012.

And for those who were unable to get out and play the cymbals in person, the Cymbal Vote website once again featured some killer performance video of top SABIAN artists like Mike Portnoy, Tomas Haake and Tony Royster Jr.

With Cymbal Vote, SABIAN is the first major music manufacturer to allow its customers to choose their annual product offering.

For a complete listing of Cymbal Vote descriptions and video of the 12 cymbal models, please visit And stay tuned to for the announcement of the 4 winners, on January 24, 2013.

For NAMM attendees, you can be there for the winners’ announcement, which is happening on the SABIAN booth #3254 at 10:15 AM Thursday morning, January 24, 2013.


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