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SABIAN Vault ‘crossover Ride’ Delivers Versatility

Vintage and Modern Concepts Are Combined for Versatility Without CompromiseMEDUCTIC, Canada (December 27, 2007) – SABIAN has introduced the Vault Crossover Ride, an all-new 21-inch versatile cymbal featuring a modern jazz design that is highly responsive yet very controllable. Combining vintage darkness and modern response concepts, the Crossover Ride is a medium-thin model with a medium-size bell, plus unique lathing and hammering combinations on its top and bottom surfaces, according to Mark Love, SABIAN’s master product specialist."The Crossover Ride is great for versatility without compromise," Love said. "The tone is warm, semi-dark and very musical, while the ability to ride and crash with total stick articulation means even the most complex sticking patterns can be played


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