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San Jose Pro Drum Clinic

SABIAN sponsored a clinic last Saturday evening featuring Todd Sucherman and Jimmy DeGrasso. The event was organized by San Jose Pro Drum and hosted by the nice folks at Willow Glen High School. More than 100 people were treated to a unique format by two of the most in demand drummers around. Jimmy and Todd worked out a format during sound check so they could perform together to begin the clinic. That lead into solos by each followed by a Q&A with both drummers at the same time offering some of their individual experience to common questions.

DeGrasso played along to a classic Alice Cooper track (his current gig) showing the audience how to lay down a solid groove that will get you called back every time. Next he played a track by his band F5 which displayed more of his masterful metal technique and showcased his limited edition 23" Override signature cymbal.

Sucherman did a solo clinic at SJPD just last fall where he played his signature track by Jerry Goodman and some Styx (his current gig). So, this time he decided to do something different for those that came back a 2nd time. He performed a couple tracks off Taylor Mills’ album which he also produced and whom he just happens to be married to. He played along to a different Jerry Goodman track in so many different time signatures that the chart must have looked like a calculus textbook! Of course Todd made it feel like bunnies riding on the backs of kittens- smooth and fluffy that is. He finished up with a Styx cover of an Allman Bros. tune.

SABIAN’s Chris Stankee says, "Even though both drummers are very different in style they played so well together. They definitely have ‘big ears’ to be able to improvise in a form for a


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