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‘school Of Rock’ Auction Winner Visits SABIAN

Drummer Goes Home With
Choice of Cymbals

Drummer Michael Pitale recently
flew from his home in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to the SABIAN Vault in eastern Canada for a
day of touring the cymbal making process, selecting a set of cymbals in the
Vault, and getting some insight into SABIAN marketing and how it all comes

Michael won this visit by
making the winning E-Bay bid to the School
of Rock benefit for the California
Wildfire victims’ relief held in Los Angeles and
San Diego.

With SABIAN’s Robert Mason as a guide, Michael started his tour in
the original factory, which dates back to 1968. Here he saw the heating and
rolling of bronze blanks into castings, as well as master artisans hand
hammering HH cymbals. He tried hand hammering a cymbal and quickly realized
what a skillful process that is. He then saw the various lathing and hammering
techniques for the different series, noting how they contribute to the various cymbal
sounds. Then it was into the Vault. Here – with the help of the Vault Team,
Michael focused his attention on selecting cymbals for his own set-up.

A couple hours later, emerging
from the Vault with a selection of HH, HHX and AAX models, Michael made his way
to the marketing department, where he saw how cymbal information is designed to
assist drummers determine what cymbals are best for their needs. Then, with
goodbyes all around, he was off to the airport.

Congratulations and thanks
to Michael for supporting the School
of Rock’s Wildfire
Victims Event, and for visiting with us. We also had a great time.


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