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Selecting A Snare Drum Part Three


RimsAlways use 10-hole, die cast hoops. These can be obtained from Kaman, one of the nation’s largest suppliers to dealers. Just like the shell, make sure your hoops are not warped. Simply lay them on a flat surface to check. Also, for ease of mounting your snares, get a bottom hoop with an enlarged snare-gate opening so you don’t have to remove the bottom head every time you wish to change your snares.Placement of lugs and vent holesSeveral prominent manufacturers claim that lugs and vent holes should be mounted in the “acoustical dead zone” or nodal area to achieve maximum “shell vibrations.” On a flat plane, nodal points are a scientific reality such as with keyboard bars. However, as NASA discovered when analyzing the space shuttle’s nose cone, once the surface is rounded or bent, the issue of nodal points becomes meaningless. Furthermore, the notion that this feature allows the shell to vibrate unencumbered is nonsensical. The last thing you want is a shell that vibrates! That would indicate that you have a very cheap drum. You want a shell so rigid and dense that the vibrations are totally directed against the heads and “outward” to the audience. That is what projection is all about. So, in my opinion, don


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