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Stickman Drum Experience

July 4th – 8th (Cedar Lodge at Blackstrap Lake)

The great Canadian plains are about to get loud! Not since the dawn of the industrial age, when hundreds of thousands of wild bison thundered across wide open fields, has the 100th meridian played host to anything as intense as The Stickman Drum Experience.

The Stickman Drum Experience is a four-day drumming camp that gives drummers the chance to rub elbows with the industry’s biggest names in drumming. Host and creator Jayson Brinkworth has once again brought a world class event to Canada, as four North American music hot-spots will be represented at the event.

“I am very excited about the artists we have lined up for our first year,” said Brinkworth. “When we started putting the event together we were trying to figure out a logical way to present the event. It only made sense to have one artist from each of the major music centers in the world.”

Camp-goers will be taking in four solid days of great Canadian scenery, one-on-one lessons, master classes, drum clinics and nightly jam sessions
with names like Chester Thompson (Genesis, Phil Collins), Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean, Jewel), Billy Ward (Joan Osbourne, Robbie Robertson), and Vito Rezza (Joey DeFrancesco).

“One thing we want all attendees to understand is that this is a music education experience with master classes and lessons. But you also get to eat meals, hangout and talk one-on-one with the biggest players in the world all weekend long,” says Brinkworth.

Cedar Lodge at Blackstrap Lake will be the camp’s inaugural location, 10km from the Saskatchewan town of Dundurn and 30 minutes from the Saskatoon International Airport.

“The lodge and the location on the lake couldn’t be more perfect, with its beautiful prairie vibe. We have the run of the lodge for the weekend, which is great for a drumming event,” said Brinkworth. “The rooms are very clean and comfortable, and all of the meals are home cooked by the staff. Attention will be paid to specific diet requests, etc, and the price includes accommodations, all of your food and snacks, plenty of drum swag, inspiration beyond belief, and a true connection to the biggest artists in the world.”

The all-inclusive ticket price for the event is $899CDN. More information on the camp and how to register can be found at the camp’s website:

[email protected]


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