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Sudha Chooses SABIAN

Innovation Attracts Percussionist with Faithless

Sudha Kheterpal, best known as the percussionist for electronica hitmakers Faithless, is now playing SABIAN, with a set-up that includes APX, AAX, HHX and Vault cymbals and sounds. Sudha, whose diverse credits also include Dido, K Klass, The Spice Girls (2008 tour), Kylie Minogue, Mark Morrison, Ian Brown, Talvin Singh and others, has garnered a reputation as a groundbreaking player on major stages around the world, while her performances at such legendary clubs as the Hacienda and Cream have earned her underground status as a unique and visionary musician.

Said SABIAN AR representative Jay Lewington: "Sudha has been a major player on the UK scene over the past decade. She has a unique take on percussion and a style that enables her to add something special to whatever music she plays, be it with Faithless, the Spice Girls, or  for the movie A Life Less Ordinary. It's great to have her playing SABIAN because she's got a great ear for interesting sounds and a real gift for playing them."

Said Sudha: "I’m always looking for new and different sounds, and SABIAN has many of those. Some are wild and crazy, while others are very classic, so I can find everything from O-Zone crashes designed with holes through them, to hand hammered cymbals that sound like they’re from a 50s jazz club in New York. All shapes, all sizes, all sounds… That’s why I’ve chosen SABIAN."

Sudha's set-up includes HHX Evolution 7” Splash, 16” Crash, 17" Effeks Crash and 14” Mini Chinese, a 15” AAX-Plosion Fast Crash, 18” APX and 16”AAX O-Zone crashes,  9” Vault Radia Cup Chime, 6” Cymbal Disc, and a 16” AAX Picante Hand Crash.

Sudha Kheterpal also showcases her accomplished writing and production skills on her debut album, Anti-Freeze. Recorded in London, Paris and Berlin with a host of collaborators, this concept album focuses on the notion of ‘defrosting’, whether politically, emotionally, or spiritually.

SABIAN Profile: Sudha Kheterpal
Website: www.sudha.co.uk
Facebook: Sudha Kheterpal
Twitter: Sudhaha
My Space: www.myspace.com/sudhaha


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